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Online Scrapbook Maker Smilebox Buys Preclick For Direct-To-Store Printing

Published on: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 //
Online scrapbook and ecard maker Smilebox has purchased Preclick, a company that makes software for big retailers so that customers can upload digital photos to their websites and then pick up prints at stores. In a blog post, Smilebox says that with the acquisition it now plans to add some “1-hour, direct to store printing of Smilebox designs.”

No financial details were disclosed. Smilebox has raised $12 million in funding in two rounds, most recently in December 2007, while Preclick has raised at least $2.1 million. Smilebox tells the Seattle Times that it expects to be cash-flow positive within six months.


Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact: free software from Serif

Published on: Thursday, October 15, 2009 //
Serif has just released Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact, a free version of their popular software. Here are some details from the press release:
Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact offers all the features expected of a fully functional digital scrapbooking product, including a fun selection of tools and creative content such as embellishments, background papers and brushes. Available as a download from the online social scrapbooking site, Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact is not time-limited in any way and gives consumers the perfect opportunity to make beautiful keepsakes from the stacks of photographs they all have at home.
If you are looking for new software or just getting started with digital scrapbooking then this would be a great program to try. It's completely free so you've got nothing to lose. You can also read my review of the retail version of Digital Scrapbook Artist here. It has even more features and effects for you to play with!


" Digi-Scrapping " - a new hobby for the credit crunch

Published on: Monday, September 28, 2009 //
Everyone is talking about the recession. But just how has it affected UK consumers? New research conducted by Millward Brown via social media has found that UK consumers are reassessing their priorities in life and are acknowledging that they don't need to spend money to be happy. The research highlighted a renewed appreciation of the simple pleasures in life such as health, happiness, family and friends, home life and leisure time.

More significantly - the research showed that UK consumers were spending more screen time at home. 60% of the respondents said they were spending more time using the Internet, 22% playing video games and 14% watching TV.In answer to the current UK consumers' plight of having to spend less cash and more time at home; Serif Europe Ltd, the UK's leading independent design, publishing and creative software developer,has announced the release of a completely free version of their popular digital scrapbooking software, Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact, available to download here. It is not a trial or time-limited in anyway and offers all the features expected of a fully functional digital scrapbooking product.

This seems to be perfect timing for the free product launch from Serif as the research results went on to highlight that 72% of respondents felt that now is the time to avoid financial risk - while only 19% say now is the time to purchase goods, taking advantage of special offers or discounts. Furthermore, the results showed that UK consumers are currently the most conservative in Europe when it comes to future spending plans, with 55% (over half) planning to decrease spending compared to a European average of 31%.

Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact does exactly what it says on the tin - think of traditional scrapbooking, but with a modern twist and you are getting there. Go ahead and create your very own ‘memoir masterpiece' by using the tools and creative content such as embellishments, background papers and brushes to get you started in an instant. Your beautiful personalised scrapbooks will present special nostalgic memoirs for holidays, new births, weddings and many more significant milestones in your life in a very unique way. Enter into a whole new hybrid world of ‘old and new' by simply adding in your own photographs, scanning in old leaflets, tickets and other keepsakes. Once you have created your very own unique scrapbook on your PC - you can fuse together the ‘old and new' by printing off and adding traditional embellishments like ribbons, glitter and lace to really bring your scrapbook to life.


Serif launches free Scrapbook software

Published on: Thursday, August 27, 2009 // , , , , ,

Add embellishments and backgrounds to your designs

Serif has unveiled a free version of its popular scrapbook software, Digital Scrapbook Artist.

Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact can be downloaded from scrapbooking website and allows users to create scrapbooks for their digital or hard-copy photographs.

The software also offers the ability to add embellishments and backgrounds to your scrapbook and even add drawings using brushes and other tools in the software.

"Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact will make it possible for anyone to enjoy a fantastic and fun way of preserving photos and memories", said Ashley Hewson, sales director at Serif.

"And what's more, the results you can achieve with this software far outshine those of our competitors, while still remaining an incredibly easy to use program and despite the fact that it's completely free."


TIPS: 5 ways to scrapbook on a dime

Published on: Monday, August 24, 2009 // ,
1. Scour eBay for store closing sales: Several local scrapbook stores have recently closed in my area. I happen to think much of it is due to the high price tags in specialty stores--the best prices are at large craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Owners are eager to squeeze whatever they can out of inventory and they are in a hurry to do so. Buying closeout merchandise is a great way to save on the same products you'd find full price elsewhere.
2. Make your own stickers: This is a relatively new thing and I love it! No more worries about running out of the letter "e" or buying prices adhesive graphics for just one or two images. Instead buy sticker paper at an office supply store, in matte or glossy, and find your own graphics online. You can create headings for pages and even print your own pictures in any size you choose.
3. Trim and "make" paper: Make a "frame" for your photos rather than mounting them on an entire square and you'll save more than 50 percent of your paper. You may want to sort your paper scraps in an organizer by color for easy access later. If you have a scanner, convert wallpaper or magazine images into digital files you can print on acid free paper.
4. Swap materials: For die cuts and specialty scissors, take advantage of the hard-core scrapbooker who hauls around her suitcase-o-goods in a suped up fishing tackle. Let her invest in the big machines that cut letters and politely ask if you can use her tools. If you plan on purchasing a similar monstrosity at least practice with hers to see if you like it. Host a party and ask guests to bring their machines and resources to share.
5. Dollar store gold mine: Your General Dollar or Big Lots often has a surprising selection of scrapbook goods. It may not be the fancy Jolie brand, but with your creativity can be more meaningful. Target also has regular seasonal clearance sales with savings of up to 70 percent off.


Four fun ways to capture life's memories

Published on: Monday, August 17, 2009 //
Life is full of unique experiences and memorable events. But often our most significant moments are fleeting. So we rely on memories -- and the tradition of storytelling -- to keep them alive.

Throughout the ages, women have found ways to preserve their family histories and honor loved ones. From keeping a journal to creating a beautiful charm bracelet that captures special memories, here are four fun, tried-and-true ways to tell your story:

Collect and Preserve Heirlooms

Who doesn't know a woman who has saved baby clothes long after her children are grown? Or still has her wedding dress years after their big day? Museums and libraries are not the only places to find old artifacts -- take a peek inside your grandmother's closet or attic. Treasures abound.

If you have objects that evoke memories near and dear to your heart, then preserve them. Tap into your inner curator, and invest in acid-free boxes and tissues that keep your objects safe. And when they're not on display, store your treasurers in a cool, dry place with little light.


Who holds the key to the cellar scrapbook mystery?

Published on: Monday, August 10, 2009 //
Can you solve the mystery of these long-lost newspaper cuttings?
Andrew Milne's uncle found the bundle – containing stories from 1894 – in the cellar of a house in Kendal and passed it on to his nephew.

Cable engineer Andrew, 23, of Nevett Street, Callon, Preston, examined the book with daughter Leah, five, to read the top news of the day from the Preston Guardian, which went on to become the Farmers' Guardian.

He said: "It looks like it's been put together but I don't know why or why it would have been in Kendal.

"My uncle found it when he first moved up to Kendal 22 years ago. He found it in an old cellar he was knocking down and ended up keeping it.

"It's got different stories from different months in 1894. It's very interesting. It's got suicides and murders and people getting trapped in machines in the mill.

"There's some stuff about Preston North End and an advert from when Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce first came out. To someone who collects stuff like that, it would be a really good thing to have."

Andrew is now hoping an expert will be able to help him find out who put the book together and possibly get it valued.

Charlotte Steels, assisting keeper at the Museum of Lancashire, Stanley Street, Preston, said: "If Mr Milne wanted to bring it down to the museum, I'm sure our social history curator would have a look at it."


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